Access Database Repair

Access Database Repair

Access Database Repair Tool

Access database repair tool provides an efficient and reliable solution to recover data and information from corrupt MDB files. It helps to resolve all the corruption issues including repairing the files that might have been damaged due to the corruption of the database.

  • Converts corrupt MDE files into usable MDB files
  • Recovers password protected Access Database files
  • Easily repair corrupt MDB / ACCDB files of Access Database
  • Recovers field types, table structures, indices, query interfaces, data structures

Need Access Database Repair Software

Over the years MS Access has helped countless small and medium sized businesses to manage their business databases in a simple and user friendly manner. However, MS Access, like any other computer application is prone to become corrupted or damaged due to several reasons. These include a virus attack, sudden system shutdown, hard disk failure, improper synchronization of data and unexpected termination of Access program etc.

Whatever the reason, the corruption of Access database often leads to serious consequences for any business establishment. The inability to retrieve the stored information might lead to temporary shutdown of operation which might in turn cause great financial losses as well as loss of credibility. This is undoubtedly an extremely serious situation for any business organization and needs to be resolved in a fast and efficient manner. The use of a reliable third party Access database repair tool helps to not only fix the corruption issues but also recover the data stored in these files.

This problem can be overcome by using the OST to PST converter tool that helps in recovering the emails, contacts, calendar and other such items. The fast and reliable conversion performed by this tool helps save your valuable time while also ensuring minimal loss of data and information.

How The Tool Works

The Access database recovery software features extremely powerful and efficient algorithms that make extensive data recovery possible. The tool uses a three step delivery process enabling the users to choose the data that needs to recover and where it needs to be stored. The tool also supports calculated data types and linked tables which help in maintaining the structure and integrity of the recovered data and information. This highly effective tool completes the recovery process in minimal time which in turn helps to reduce the don time and minimize the losses to the business.

Features Of Access Database Repair Tool

Offers Comprehensive Repair Solutions: The tool helps to not only recover data stored in the corrupted MDB files but also perform repair functions to enhance data integrity. The tool offers seamless solutions for a wide range of issues that might arise due to Access file corruption including hardware issues, inconsistencies in the software as well as issues related to corruption of database design.

Ease Of Accessing Various Features: All the important features of Access database repair tool are arranged in a ribbon format which makes the software well organized and easy to use. The users simply need to select the feature they need to use from the ribbon without going through various menu options to find the same.

Recover Linked Tables and Relationships: The software is capable of recovering the data stored in the Access tables that are linked to other databases. The tool also helps to perform recovery of all the data that is stored in the form of relationships to prevent repletion of data and create linked tables.

Provide Preview OF Scanned Files: Access Database Repair tool enables the users to see a preview of the files that have been scanned and are listed for recovery. This enables the users to verify the consistency of the recovered files.

Support and Compatibility: The Access Database recovery tool is compatible with MS Access 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 / 2000 and MS Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP which further enhances its usability across diverse systems.

Get The Free Trial Version

To get a firsthand experience of the various features and functionality offered by Access Database Repair tool, it is advisable to check out its free trial version which can be used to not only detect any corruption issues in the MS Access database but also repair the same in a timely manner.

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